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PURR turns 20

Friday 19th April 2024


Over the past 20 years, we have held 90 events with so many different themes that Purrians have loved and gone wild over.

So for our 20th Birthday, we have chosen the Top 20 Themes and with this upcoming Birthday, you can pick the one you love the most to get dressed in the theme.

So here are the 20 Best Past Themes:


    Arabian Nights,   SuPURRheroes and Villains,

  Roman Orgy,  Egyptian Dessert,  Roaring Twenties, 

Leather and Lace,  Furr Purr,   Make Love Not War,

Kinky Cup Carnival,  Stars and Stripes,  Heaven & Hell,

Austin Purrers,   Asia Fantasia,  Game of Purr,

Back To School,  Ho Ho Ho It's A White Xmas,

Get Sporty,  White Sci-Fi XXXmas,  

Wild Wild West,  Golden Angel XXXmas.

This will be a celebration like no other.

A reflection and ode to the past.

A beautiful moment of contemplation and admiration for all

we have done, seen, created and accomplished.


As well as a new pioneering trajectory, for our future.

What a beautiful moment and point in time. 2023,

20 years almost to the day of our first ever PURR party,

which was Friday the 23rd April 2003.

3 years and 3 months after Robert and I (Isadora) first met.


Over the next few months in the lead up to the party,

we will endeavour to recreate the stories of the

inception of PURR.

Why we created it.

Who we created it with.

Some stories from along the way, and many pictures

and videos to help you remember,

or take you back in time with us.

We love our PURR community So very deeply.

Our lives have been so incredibly changed by the people

we have met in the time, space and place.

Lifelong friendships, so much fun and joy,

and some very sexy times.

To purchase tickets click here.


See you on the dancefloor.




Sir PURRfect

Robert Fraresso


Miss Pussy

Isadora Van Camp

0418 63 53 43

0418 34 40 53 

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