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SuPurr Heroes &

Villains Party

 Friday 6th October 23

Some of our fave ever costumes are from this theme,

and we have only ever done it once in 20 Years. 


So we thought we would bring it back.


Think Superman, Batman, the Joker, Spider-Man,

Wonderwoman, Iron man, Captain America, The Hulk,

Black Panther, Wolverine, Aquaman, Supergirl,

Blackwidow, Thor, Deadpool, Poison Ivy,

The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman,

Lex Luther, Loki, Magneto,

Doctor Doom.


With such a fun and creative sexy theme,

we look forward to all of your inspiring

looks and costumes.

Dance, play and create.


To purchase tickets click here.


See you on the dancefloor.





Sir PURRfect 

(Robert Fraresso)


Miss Pussy

(Isadora Van Camp)


0418 63 53 43

0418 34 40 53 

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