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Friday 14th June 2024

@ 9PM


All the pretty kitties and naughty PURRians had such a filthy time at last PURR, the 20th Birthday,

that we have decided to send you all straight to DETENTION.


Make sure you arrive on time, and in school uniform,

looking spick and span for your inspection,

and DETENTION, Friday 14th of June, at 9pm.


We will be making you do lines, handing out spankings

and caning to those who deserve them,

and if you haven’t done your homework,

we will keep you in until 4am! 


There will be a display at Midnight of the school prefects,

with a bespoke dance performance.

Please watch, and take note of their example of how to behave. 


Until then, go home, and clean your room,

and for Godsake, air it out a little.

WHO knows what you’ve been doing up there! But if the last event was anything to go by, it’s the devils work! 


See you on the dancefloor, in less and as more. 

To purchase tickets click here.


See you on the dancefloor.




Sir PURRfect

Robert Fraresso


Miss Pussy

Isadora Van Camp

0418 63 53 43

0418 34 40 53 

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