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PURR is more than a club night. We create events.


Each party we produce is its own spectacular – exotic themes, daring shows, a night of costumes and colour.


Purr explores the tempting, titillating energy of exhibitionism, creating a safe space for women and couples to celebrate their naughtiest impulses. With us, you can be a cheeky schoolgirl, baring your white cotton knickers. You can be an ancient warrior princess, ordering men to your pleasure. With Purr, you can be free to dance and prance and entrance.


But remember... at PURR, we always like to land on our feet. Our parties are teasy, not sleazy. Purr is not a Swingers Party - though you might find yourself swinging from the rafters - and are specially created to be the most private of functions. That is, we are discrete, intimate and strictly invitation-only.


Midnight Show


Imagine: It is five minutes to midnight.


You’re stalking the half-dark with a vodka martini in your hand, swaying through the room as the night warms up to the deep and dirty house of the DJ. You’re relishing the grand costumes and the atmosphere - tight black leather, colourful adornments, daring lace – and luxuriating in the sensation of your own saucy ensemble against your skin.


You hear the music fade, and the lights go down. It is time for the Midnight Show. Here is where the night really kicks off, where the spirit of Purr’s theme awakens and takes all our pussycats over completely.


Since its inception in 2004, Purr’s Midnight Show has been one of the most anticipated moments of each event. They have become legendary. There was the Melbourne Cup theme night, with men and women riding each other to the finish line, complete with whips and bridles. There was the topless pillow fight for our “Bedroom Slumber Party”; the 18-piece marching band we used for “Make Love, Not War”; a “Carnivale” theme with Latin Dancers in full feather. And who could forget Purr’s own “White XXXmas”… Santa being stripped bare by his team of cheeky elves.


Watch the videos for yourself. We dare to go there. Don’t miss it.

ROOM 680 has been

hosting Purr for over 12 years

and is our 



Director ROOM680


All I can say is I have met so many ppl at your events , true friendships so thank you.





Purr is Australia's best themed party! Trust me, I've been to all of them and Purr's music, venue, hosts, entertainment and most of all the patrons, their costumes and their sexy party attitude make it the best such party in Australia, hands down.


It's guaranteed fun that will leave you smiling long after you've gone home, a party that needs to be experienced to understand its' awesome, friendly, sexy & fun atmosphere.




One word - PURRFECT








T-Try it!


Ani X


One of the best events we attended so far well worth traveling 3000 kms for


Mick and Sonja



An amazing well organised get together for like-minded adults. Loads of fun & laughs had by all. Friendly bunch of 'purrians' to all newbies too.





We adore Purr! It doesn't matter how you cum… Yo…could be a red & white leather clad, uniform wearing, game of thrones super hero in sexy underwear and you still wouldn't look out of place.


Can't wait to see you at the next one!


Vince and Vespa Velvet xxx

We cannot wait for the next one. Fantastic party, awesome atmosphere and beautiful people. We'll be back for more!


Fox E Cat

Purr has awesome music and

sexy peeps in great costumes.

These things make Purr sooo much fun and an event we all look forward to.


I have lived and loved all Purrs. The themes are diverse and the patrons are always friendly. In fact I have made many friendships and always look forward to the next event. See you there on the dance floor.


Mwah xxx




Purr has been an amazing

well organised event which over the last 8 years I've been attending i have met so many fantastic

like-minded purrians and made so many friendships.


The costume collection is always getting bigger.

looking forward to the next event.


Thank you Robert and Isadora


Alisha XX


A night out which shouldn't be missed! You are guaranteed to have an amazing time and meet loads of SEXY new friends!


x Bel & Layt



We were there for the first Purr and we will be there for the last over 10 years of fantastic memories.






As our feline mothers taught us, with freedom comes responsibility...


To ensure that every one of our kittens has a PURR-fect evening, we require all patrons to adhere to our guidelines:


PURR is strictly invitation-only. 


Everyone who purchases tickets to a PURR party has been screened and referred by a fellow PURRian. Apply online to join our Kitty Kat Klub, then curl up patiently in your favourite chair, and wait.


No unescorted males will be permitted entry.


If you are coming to PURR as part of a couple, make sure you arrive together. PURR is not a space for pushy tomcats; our cheeky kitties need room to play and be naughty. 


No costume, no entry. 


Be a proud PURRian and embrace the theme of the night with all its fantastical, flamboyant possibilities! No casual attire will be permitted. Need some inspiration? Browse our gallery of past events or check our list of hire venues.


No cameras (including mobile phones).


Here at PURR, discretion is assured, and we don’t like to be caught with our tails in the air. To ensure your privacy, we employ an official photographer for each event, and any other person found taking video or still images in the venue is immediately asked to leave.


Tickets are subject to general Terms and Conditions.


For more information about PURR’s policies regarding refunds, transfer of tickets, payment and privacy, please click on document below.



mobile 0418 635 343


© Purr Entertainment Pty Ltd.

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